Grup21 - Contemporary Music without Borders

- I am delighted to announce the release of this new CD by Grup21! You can listen to some of the samples at the Grup21 site. And to order a copy or download some of the tracks, please go to Solfa Recordings or send an e-mail to

- Grup21 has other recording projects in the works: We will be on a recording of three flute concerti written for me: Jorge Liderman wrote the first Grup21 chamber concerto, Flautando, for me and Grup21; Narcís Bonet wrote Triptic de Sinera for flute and string orchestra upon my request, I recently recorded the wonderful Concerto Jalisco by Carl Mansker with the Bratislava Radio Orchestra. We will post it here and on the Grup21 web.

- Grup21 is also planning a recording a great classic of 20th century Catalonian music, La Pell de Brau (1967) by Narcís Bonet, along with other chamber works of his, with Columna Música.

Here at the National Library of Catalunya with composer Narcís Bonet listening to the introduction by museum director Dolors Lamarca, in a symposium on La Pell de Brau.

Many of the pieces written for Grup21 are published in "The Grup XXI Collection" of Dinsic Publications. The chamber concertos that have been published to date: the above mentionned Flautando for flute by Jorge Liderman, Chamber Concerto for piano by Anthony Newman, Piccolo Concerto for violin by Agustí Charles, and the recently premiered Caprichos No. 7 for clarinet by Leonardo Balada.

Other works written for Grup21 and published by Dinsic: Septet de Setembre by Francesca Taverna-Bech, In Process by Octavi Rumbau, and my own Petita Suite for the Catalonian cobla instruments.

It is indeed gratifying to be creating these new works for Grup21 and publishing them in our collection so that this music can go out into the world!

Please go to , listen to our wide variety of audio samples and check our video clips out too! We are just starting to translate it from Catalan to Spanish and English, so bear with us (go to the "Música" heading)

Also, you can take a peak at our videoclip, as well as a recent performance of La Pell de Brau by Bonet: These are two short videos which show the fine work of Grup21.

-CMS Videoclip Fall 2009

-La Pell de Brau Video

To find out more about Grup21 in Barcelona, go to this recent interview with me in Metropolitan Magazine: The interview gave me a nice opportunity to speak about the group and music in Barcelona

Conducting Grup21 in the premiere of Music of Amber by Joseph Schwantner, with choreography by Julia Koch, at the CCCB in Barcelona.


Congratulating violinist Manuel Porta after the successful premiere of Piccolo Concerto by Agustí Charles, our 4th chamber concerto and a brilliant, virtuosic work.