Falls House Press has done a fabulous job bringing out the scores to Fantasy on Syrinx and Fantasy on the Allemande of the Partita, both for solo flute. The recording are up on my Facebook page and You Tube channel (Peter John Bacchus Videos).

Petita Suite, written in versions for 8 and 12 instruments is soon to be published by Dinsic Publicacions. Three jaunting movements written for the Catalonian cobla instruments with clarinets, bass, trumpet and other instruments.

Recent compositions include Variations for Cobla, which is an orchestrated version of Flute Variations.

This piece will soon be available for wind ensemble. This past year I also wrote some short pieces for string quartet to accompany a theatrical production produced by the Associació Catalana de Compositors. I'm looking forward to fleshing them out into a larger work.

Here is the news about my recent orchestral work, the Magnificat and Missa Brevis:

The premiere of his orchestral work, The Wind in Tall Trees, which Peter conducted with the Colonial Symphony Orchestra in the U.S., was described by the Classical New Jersey Society Journal in the following manner: "[Bacchus] is the owner of a fine ear for orchestral color. The first movement, "Swept Away/Reverie", blew along like the wind toward an unknowable goal … His shimmering clusters in the strings and slides to new pitches captured the essence of tree limbs swaying, making the wind "visible". "Shifting Winds", the second movement, proved to be a driving and exciting dance. Meters changed and dynamic levels rose and fell effectively."

His Magnificat for Cor Vivaldi of Barcelona was decribed in la Vanguardia: "The Magnificat of Bacchus (for brass, organ, piano, percussion and choir with soloists) represents a demanding level of vocal work. It is effective contrapuntally, very precisely orchestrated, and a very expressive work. Admirably composed, it consists of canonic devices, contrasts between vocal groups, and rhythmic invention (particularly in the Quia Fecit, with it’s subtle shades of instrumental color and attractive vocal solos). All of this was very well executed by the girls of the choir. The result was eloquent, thanks to the capacity, enthusiasm and precision of the singers."

Peter was commissioned a second time by Cor Vivaldi to write a Missa Brevis, the premier of whuch was descrbed again by la Vanguardia: " The masses of Peter Bacchus and Albert Guinovart were enthusiastically applauded. Bacchus mixes organ and chorus, with the exception of an attractive choral a cappella, with solo sections and even a short section of audience participation at the end [Dona nobis pacem]."

Peter’s compositions, arrangements and orchestrations are published by Dinsic Publicacions and Clivis Publicacions, and Falls House Press.

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